Top 10 Persian Music 2018| Best Persian Songs Remix2018 بهترین آهنگ های جدید ایرانی شاد و عاشقانه

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Title : Top 10 Persian Music 2018| Best Persian Songs Remix2018 بهترین آهنگ های جدید ایرانی شاد و عاشقانه
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Published : 14 Sep 2018
Author : Persian Entertainment

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Best 10 Iranian Music 2018
Selection of Top Persian Dance and Love Songs 2018
Ahang Jadid Irani 2018 Remix
گلچین ۱۰ آهنگ برتر ایرانی ۲۰۱۸

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Persian Entertainment (formerly known as AvazMedia) is a platform to spread voice of Iranian and Persian youths around the world who are wishing to become more popular . In this way, we try to do our best to produce collection of best Music Remixes, Video Clips, and Short Movies.

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We received feedbacks form our visitors and subscribers in comment section, which asking us to include songs from some of famous Persian singers in our mix. While we are trying to expand our business by signing agreement with more singers/bands/companies, we are not allowed to use contents which are not licenced by copyright owners to us. Therefore, this top Persian Music collection is consisting of only those songs which are licenced to us! Thanks for your kind support

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